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PersonalityDrives® gives you insight into the personality and drives of yourself, your colleagues, your teams and your organization. The insight helps you and your team to achieve your and your goals in the right environment, with the people you specifically need.

The PersonalityDrives® scan consists of two psychometric instruments that have an interesting correlation with each other and provide a lot of information about how to grow in effective collaboration. After completing the form, you will immediately gain insight into your personality traits & motives, which are included in a report in understandable pragmatic language in a scientifically validated manner.

Background personality & drives

Big Five Personality

Personality is generally described as the unique and stable pattern of psychological and behavioral traits that sets one person apart from another. Put simply, the way in which someone deals with different situations or the characteristic behavioral pattern that someone displays in different situations is personality.

Personality is a dynamic and organized set of characteristics (feeling, thinking, doing) that can be attributed to a person. This set of traits describes the way a person will react in different situations. The term personality is derived from the Latin persona (mask), which also gives rise to the connotation that personality has to do with the outer behavior, that what the environment of someone sees. The difference with character is that personality is influenced by upbringing and environment and only takes shape during adolescence, while character is often seen more as the biological predisposition, the (innate, quite unchanging) nature of that person.

The Big Five personality model is a model to investigate how people differ from each other and why we behave as people the way we do. The Big Five personality traits were extensively researched between 1970 and 1985 by several researchers (including Costa & McCrae and Norman & Goldberg). They independently came up with the same five human personality traits (dimensions), regardless of language or culture. The studies took years and many thousands of people answered hundreds of questions. The following five personality traits repeatedly came back from several statistical studies. The Big Five is the most accepted and used model of personality among psychologists and in broader scientific circles.

The Big Five charts the differences between people in five personality traits, namely:
-Emotional stability
The third and last characteristics in particular are considered to be the best predictor for functioning in work situations.


Motives provide insight into people’s (un) conscious motives and beliefs. This shows how people think and will be able to act in our environment. In daily behavior, the values ​​that we find important largely determine our preferred behavior in both rational and emotional processes, in other words: the way of thinking and our behavior.

The theoretical model on which the drivers scan is based is the value system of Professor Clare W. Graves. This psychology professor lived from 1914 to 1986 and, after years of scientific research, has devised a system that provides an enlightening explanation of people’s behavior. This system has been further developed by Beck and Cowan into a method in which people’s motives are mapped (Spiral Dynamics). The basis of this method is the urge to survive or develop that is built into people, as it were. Our drives largely determine the way in which we deal with this urge.

Graves’ system and theory offer us seven different drives, each with its own color. These seven dynamics explain human behavior in different circumstances. Every person has their own combination of and preferences for certain drives; on the one hand we will be attracted to certain drives and on the other we shudder from different elements of other drives.

Personality & Drives- motivationtheory McClelland

The motivation theory of the American psychologist David McClelland looks at the way in which people satisfy their needs. What motivates people? What needs have been learned? The McClelland motivation theory is the result of his many years of research on this. His conclusion? Everyone, regardless of age, gender, culture or race, has an intrinsic motivation that is directly linked to personal need. David McClelland distinguishes four human needs in his theory:
– Need for achievement
– Need for power
– Need for affiliation (need for affiliation)
– Need for avoidance

Above the iceberg’s waterline, his iceberg model revolves around knowledge, skills and behavior. That is what others see us doing, we also look at others. Below the waterline is the mixture of ‘thinking’ and ‘wanting’, a combination of norms, values ​​& beliefs and one’s own image.

McClelland links needs to what someone does, thinks and wants. And that makes the model directly applicable in our daily work life: if we know what the motivations of fellow team members are, looking at their behavior, we can ask or deduce what their underlying needs are in the end.

PersonalityDrives® & Motivation Theory
The PersonalityDrives® method brings a large part of the submerged part to the surface and thereby directly confirms the value of the instrument and the report.
How? In the individual PersonalityDrives® report we see to what extent the personality profile and the motivation profile confirm each other. If both profiles deviate from each other, we can immediately identify the underlying cause.

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For who?

The insight you will get from the powerful analysis of PersonalityDrives® offers many possibilities. By gaining insight into yourself you will understand even better why conversations, meetings, discussions, negotiations, sales calls, MT meetings do not go as you expected. Reality is more unruly than your expectations. If you also gain insight into the other, understanding and possible acceptance of each other’s motivators and behaviors will arise. The success of collaboration is born and interesting perspectives arise from which we as people, team and organization can grow. In this way personal development goes hand in hand with organizational development.


Personal development:

  • Personality
  • Motives
  • Energybalance
  • Coaching



  • Collaborate
  • Communication
  • Conflictresolution
  • Leadership



  • On-boarding
  • EmployerJourney
  • Competences
  • Training

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Being a professional, do you want to work with PersonalityDrives®? Are you a coach, trainer, organizational advisor, HR consultant, recruiter, absenteeism and / or occupational health and safety advisor, career counselor, mediator or director? Are you interested in helping people, teams and customer organizations with insight into personality & motives? As a certified partner of PersonalityDrives® you can! You will be provided with a powerful tool. We help you to use the instrument optimally in your own daily practice after the certification training.

Introductory workshops PersonalityDrives®

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PersonalityDrives® offers you as a professional concrete tools to offer others an inspiring view, based on the insight into their personality & motives, and to take them further. During the introductory workshop you will gain extensive insight into your own profile, the theoretical background of the model and insight into asking the key questions that fit the model.

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